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    ACARN members have been actively working on research to better understand how best to decrease GHG emissions and increase carbon sequestration in the BC agricultural sector.

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Welcome to the BC Agricultural Climate Action Research Network


Foster collaboration among researchers, government, and producers in order to catalyze effective, research-backed climate solutions for B.C. food producers.


Powered by collaborative scientific research, B.C. food producers implement climate adaptation and mitigation practices that build thriving and resilient food production systems at every scale—locally, regionally and provincially.

What does the BC Agricultural Climate Action Research Network do?

Promotes the sharing of research information and resources

The network promotes the sharing of research information between researchers, policymakers, and specialist involved with climate change adaptation in British Columbia.

Coordinates network research projects

The network coordinates projects which are either interdisciplinary, cross-commodity, provincial in scope, or multi-institutional.

Enhances the accessibility of research outcomes

The network works closely with the BC Agriculture and Food Climate Action Initiative to connect researchers with producers and policy-makers

Trains future researchers and outreach specialists

The network provides students and new professionals with learning opportunities for climate change adaptation research and extension in the BC agriculture industry.